V istors & Newcomers

What is there to see and do at this event? Read on!

The artisans who participate in the SCA enjoy sharing their works and their knowledge. Many of our artisans have finely honed skills. We have weavers, painters, poets, armor makers, seamstresses, soap and candle makers just to name a few.
As the day unfolds, all can discover treasures for the eyes, ears and palate.

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Great for newcomers, this event focuses on activities that might have occurred in a small medieval town on tournament day. Townspeople and visitors share the sights, sounds and smells during a typical day. It costs nothing to look, aka, there is no admission fee.

Admission: $0       Feast: $7/person, max feast = 80*

Come and behold the wonders of the tournament day! Need help with what to wear? We can help!

*As customary for this event, feasts spots may be sponsored for newcomers so they can fully enjoy the day. Sponsors are welcome to pay for one more feast spot than they need to contribute.

Medieval Life Gold Key

Dress for the Day! We wear clothes that depict life in the Middle Ages. You, too, can be a part of the ambiance. We ask that you make your best attempt to dress in clothing from medieval days.

Need something to wear? Visit the GOLD KEY at the entrance to this event. They may be able to help you. Feel free to contact us before the event for help.

The SCA encompasses the historical years between 600 through 1600. Because of this vast span of years, there is a wide variety of clothing, armor, countries and people represented. Active participants may choose what region and what culture they enjoy within that historical time. Feel free to ask questions. Questions are encouraged.

Merchants & Shopping

What is a town without its merchants? Take time to peruse the merchandise available for purchase. There are no food sales permitted.

Fighting Tournaments

The individuals who participate at this event are not actors and the fighting is not staged. Each fighter must train and authorize to be granted permission to fight at an SCA event. This is a planned process.

Honor and chivalry drives the fighters to represent the best of the Middle Ages through combat.

Note: Spectators are not allowed to participate. This is why they are called spectators. Thank you for adhering to the safety rules of the event.

Arts & Sciences

The theme for this event’s Arts & Sciences competition is to be announced. Look for evidence of falcons and more in the displays.

There will be many hands-on activities to enjoy throughout the day. Visitors to this event are encouraged to ask questions and participate in the areas open for this purpose. There will be several open sessions per activity throughout the day. Check the schedule when you arrive.