Maestra Lidia de Ragusa

Email: lidia_de_ragusa AT yahoo DOT com

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11/6/2010 Mistress of the Laurel
8/5/2009 Award of the Silver Nautilus
3/1/2008 Award of the Silver Nautilus
8/25/2007 Award of the Supporters
8/25/2007 Award of the Undine
4/7/2007 Award of the Undine
9/9/2006 Baronial Award of Excellence (Barony of Sacred Stone)
9/9/2006 Companion of the Opal
5/20/2006 Companion of the Pearl
9/10/2005 Companion of the Sacred Stone (Barony of Sacred Stone)
9/11/2004 Companion of the Coral Branch
5/11/2002 Companion of the Phoenix Eye (Barony of Sacred Stone)
3/31/2001 Award of Arms


The Federal Republic of Ragusa is the city and surrounding area of Dubrovnik in what is now Croatia. It was a major Adriatic shipping port in period. It remained independent despite the Ottoman invasion.