St. David's Market Day & Faire

Open to the Public -- As a new day begins, our little borough awakens to a Market Day and Fair called to celebrate the bountiful harvest.  Artisans and vendors from near and far flock to the market to display their wares, bring excitement and anticipation of a day of delights.  The Fair also brings with it the extra spectacle of fighters showing their prowess.  From miles away, visitors flock to see what the day will bring.  Some bring business; some come to watch and cheer! As the day unfolds, all can discover treasures for the eyes, ears and palate.

Scarborough fair

Great for newcomers, this event focuses on activities occurring in a small medieval pop-up market town on fair day.  Townspeople and visitors share the sights, sounds and smells during a typical day.  It costs nothing to look, aka there is no admission fee

Admission: $0       Feast: $7/person, max feast = 70*

Come and behold the wonders of war and peace in the Middle Ages! Need help with what to wear? We can help! Contact the Gold Key. Contact the Gold Key. Gold Key

*As customary for this event, feasts spots may be sponsored for newcomers so they can fully enjoy the day. Sponsors are welcome to pay for one more feast spot than they need to contribute.

Artisans, Activities, Merchants & Court

Watch the tournaments. Meet the artisans & entertainers. Shop. Try a dance or two. There is much to see and do! Check the schedule for the day's activities.

Many artisans teach their craft; many sell their creations. Our artists enjoy learning more about their craft as well as teaching it to others. We will have variety of newcomer hands-on workshops during the day as well as a Fiber Solar and unique Heraldry making opportunity!

In addition we will have a few Arts and Science competitions for your enjoyment throughout the day:

  • New Garb Runway, bonus points if you are a newcomer or been in the SCA for less than a year!
  • What’s this thing called SCA Bardic (Performances during feast)
  • Pocket and Picnic Food Challenge

Classes are being scheduled and competition descriptions are in the works. We will be sending updates, but feel free to check back.

For information on A&S please contact: Rois Mc’Aiden, aka Donna, dswilliams1957 at gmail


Merchants are the life-blood behind a popup market day. Please continue to check back as we add vendors and merchants. It’s our pleasure this year to work with our merchants to help them sell commissions in advance, just as it would have been done in the Middle Ages - they will have the chance to display their amazing craftsmanship for the day before commissions are collected by their rightful owners!

We’ll be giving our populace and newcomers a chance to recognize their favorite merchant display of the day. That merchant will be awarded a special prize during court!

For information on merchanting please contact: Krista Mohrmann, at gmail


All visiting dignitaries are asked to confirm their attendance in advance, if possible.

Demonstrations, Displays & Entertainment

Many activities within the SCA are open to members only. As a 501c3 with a mission to educate and create a living middle ages, our active membership participate in training, safety classes and even apprentice or squire in order to be able to participate in some of the activities that define our very Creative Society. Newcomers and visitors are welcome to watch and enjoy the demonstrations and learn about many of these skilled activities.

Demos Display

Have you ever seen a handmade fletched arrow or bow string? What about leatherworking, scrollwork or calligraphy? Perhaps you’re interested in the making of garb or the trim and decorations? In addition to our merchants we encourage our members to bring items to display. There will be many opportunities to see new things and discuss the various skills and trades that make up our amazing living history experience.

Martial Activities

What an exciting day of martial prowess we have in store for our visitors! In our Society we have variety of ways to advance and progress on tracks of chivalry. In our Modern Middle Ages, a couple of these involve combat arts. Indeed, our Kings and Queens earn the privilege of serving the populace by winning a ‘Crown’ Tournament. There will have a variety of different martial activities:

  • Armored Combat
  • Rapier Fighting
  • Youth Combat (TBD)
For information on marital activies please contact: Alesander Davidson aka Anthony Davis, unccdragon at yahoo


  • Children's Activities: TBA
  • Feast!
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