Arts & Sciences

Open to the Public -- Arts activities.

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Great for newcomers, this event focuses on activities that might have occurred in a small medieval town on tournament day. Townspeople and visitors share the sights, sounds and smells during a typical day. It costs nothing to look, aka, there is no admission fee.

Admission: $0       Feast: $7/person, max feast = 80*

Come and behold the wonders of the tournament day! Need help with what to wear? We can help!

*As customary for this event, feasts spots may be sponsored for newcomers so they can fully enjoy the day. Sponsors are welcome to pay for one more feast spot than they need to contribute.

Arts and Science Competitions

Heraldic Emblems-Gefferi Mauldine will be on hand to help all use heraldry to make their own papershield. Populace vote for best shield will be held.

There will be a garb runway competition. Bring your newest garb, and strut your stuff. Prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place

Bardic-during feast. There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Weighted toward newcomers who have been in the SCA less than a year.

From a Shell
Lady Prudence the Curious will be hosting a cooking competition at Flight of the Falcon: St. Davidís Market Day and Faire. The theme is "From a Shell". At least one of the ingredients used in the dish(es) presented will need to be from a shell, what type of shell is entirely up to the cook. The competition will be split into two categories: (1) general and (2) entries from members of cook's guilds, including but not limited to the Sacred Stone Cook's Guild. You can enter multiple dishes, but each dish may only be entered into one category - for example, if you bring three dishes, you can have one in the general competition (brownies with walnuts) and two in the Cook's Guild category (one of crab cooked in the Roman style and the other a 14th century dish of peas with boiled eggs). The competition is meant both to be easy to enter for the newcomer, after all this is a newcomer event, and to encourage period cooking for those ready for the next level. The general competition will be judged on adherence to theme (10 points) and workmanship (10 points) (workmanship includes appearance, aroma, flavor, and texture), for a total of 20 points possible. The Cook's Guild category will also be judged on complexity (5 points), documentation (10 points), and authenticity (10 points), for a total of 45 points possible. Please include a full ingredient list with any dish. If you need more information about the judging criteria, please review Atlantia A&S cooking single dish criteria to define workmanship, complexity, documentation, and authenticity: The point scales have been modified as specified above. Sign up for the competition will start at 10:00am. Entries must be on-site and entered in the competition no later than 11:00am as judging begins at 11:15 sharp. Please note any dish presented, after judging, will be added to the Dayboard and plan proportions accordingly. Prizes for the competition are being provided by Lady Prudence.

FAQ 1. Can I use the Kitchen (stove, refrigerator, etc)?
The site kitchen is dedicated to feast preparation and will not be available to the competition participants.
2. Is the preparation limited to on-site?
Most dishes are expected to be prepared off-site.

Demonstrations, Displays & Entertainment

Lady Argent will be teaching a fingerloop braiding class. Fingerloop braiing is another way to makemedieval cord. There are many styles of fingerloop braiding. Lady Argent will be teaching a basic braid.
This class will run all day long, but she requests that only six people at a time be in attendance so shecan give expert care to each person.

Lady Deidre of Shadowdale will be teaching beginning knitting. She requests no more than five people in the class so she may give attention to each student. Needles and yarn will be available to borrow. If youwish to take them home she requests $8.00 Her class will begin at 10am and will end at noon.

Randall Leftwich will be teaching an SCA 101 class for beginners of the SCA. This class will give the basicsof the SCA. This class will begin at 11:00am.

Lord Wolfgang Von Trier will be teaching Leatherwork - a history and types. The class will cover a brief history of leatherworking both inside and outside of our time period. There will be examples of medieval leathercraft. If there is time, we will go into basic leatherwork techniques with a chance at hands-on This class will be taught in the afternoon beginning at 1pm.

Mistress Azza el Shirrizi will be teaching a beginning recorder class.
Interested in playing music in the SCA?
Come learn how to play the recorder. No previous experience required, you do not need to know how to read music. Please bring your own recorder. 2pm, no cost, no limit, ages 10 and up.

James Fairhaven will be giving a medieval slight of hand/magic class, for teens at 3pm. There will also be chain mail bracelet/necklass supplies for teens availavle.

There will be dancing after feast.

Also there will be a display area for all arts and sciences. Come show newcomers the variety of the SCA.


Combat information - Inspections and authorizations start at 10am and fighting will begin at 11am